Intelligence for
Facility Operations

Our customizable digital solution enables building owners, facility operators and managers the ability to improve reporting, information management, and decision-making that powers better building performance.

  • Quickly navigate and search through large document collections
  • Visualize models, query assets, and locations
  • Allow multiple users to access information remotely
  • View multiple file formats without additional software needs

How We Do It

  • Collaborative Consultancy

    You have paid for data from design and construction. We help you get the most value out of it. We understand building data for facilities management, and create toolkits to transform design and construction information into building intelligence. VueOps plans and executes strategies to keep your building's dataset accurate and up-to-date as renovations and repairs occur.

  • VueOps SaaS Application

    VueOps connects project documents, asset data, models, and spaces with minimal effort to maximize your facility up-time and helps you answer the time critical questions of “what” (assets), “where” (space, floor), and “how” (how to access, tools required).

  • Integration Platform

    VueOps integrates with your lifecycle management tools to provide your facility engineers with accurate, detailed, situationally relevant information. Through our integration partnerships, VueOps harmonizes the flow of asset data into your CMMS to ensure your facility is running optimally on opening day.

We Put Our Customers First

We bring managed services and software together to help you and your team. Choose a hosted, custom or integrated approach to empower teams to prevent downtime, save money and take advantage of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

VueOps integrates with your Document Management, Computerized Maintenance Management and Facility Management platforms. We help you develop standard building information requirements for capital projects and processes for collecting and extracting data including:

  • BIM guide framework for designers and contractors
  • Division 1 specification documents
  • MEP and architectural assets
  • Naming and data schemas