Intelligence for
Facility Operations

VueOps gives you situational information at your fingertips to better manage your facilities.

VueOps is Responsive

VueOps™ Data Integration Platform

Streamline your facility management process with improved efficiency to prevent downtime, save money and take advantage of rich Building Information Modeling (BIM) data.

  • Search

    Search building information at campus, facility, or project level.

  • Inspect

    Inspect building assets by location and system, understand the upstream and downstream impacts, and view all building information in one place.

  • Manage

    Directly report warranty issues, manage a shared list of issues and gain critical insights from subcontractor work.

Why VueOps?

Facility-wide insight and control to power better building performance

  • Right Information, Right Time

    Access building information from anywhere, anytime on our cloud-based platform.

  • Increase Maintenance Productivity

    Virtually investigate building issues using 3D BIM before deploying labor to the field.

  • Scales to your needs

    VueOps works for one building or an entire network of campuses, increasing operations efficiency at every level.

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